Surrey Hants Dance


Exploring all forms of Dance for all types of people in Surrey and Hampshire.


Surrey Hants Dance is a social media campaign focusing on all forms of Dance in Surrey and Hampshire, UK.

We are going to share classes, clubs, events and performances for all types of dance and all types of people. Also we are going to look at the health benefits, social and community benefits of dance.  And finally, we want to have fun with great videos, images and inspiring quotes.

We are particularly keen to celebrate the community spirit that dance evokes.  By watching a local cultural group demonstrating their form of dance or by going along to a seniors tea dance at a local community hall – a community is developed and strengthened.

Dance should be for all people from the young to the old, from the able to the disabled and from the healthy to the unwell.  Dance provides health, social well being, community spirit and just simple happiness and joy.

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