Dance and getting Fit!

fitness-1348867_1920The world of fitness is changing!  More and more fitness classes are dance based.  Why?

Well because it’s fun, it’s inspirational, it’s social and it’s more likely to get you going back than a room full of scary exercise machines or a lonely running track.

There’s so many to choose from – swing/jive, strictly ballroom, club anthems with glow sticks and salsa.  But the thing is you don’t have to buy all the expensive dance kit – you just need your trainers and some comfy clothes. Plus you don’t have to get the steps perfect, you just have to have fun and get fit!

I love the Clubbercise classes.  It’s in the dark, set to club anthems, with glow sticks. Nobody is looking at you, nobody cares, it’s loud, it’s fun and it’s a perfect way to dance your socks off and get fit.

There are also the other quieter forms of fitness that I would like to include in the “dance” category, because they have the same ethos – fitness, health, social and are a lot more fun than running.  Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi come to mind.

And finally, what about Roller disco, Ice dancing, water aerobics – in fact you can dance any where and any time!

So if a serious dance class is a bit of a scary thought – why not have a look at the above alternatives and dance, dance, dance.


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