Dancing and the Community


Dance is a form of expression that has been with us from the beginning.  It brings us together at celebrations and community events. The benefits of dance for all of our community, from young to old, are many.

Hopefully if you have been following my campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you will now be inspired to explore more of the world of dance.  Even if you just enjoy watching, there is so much happening in our area to see and so many local companies, cultural groups and schools that would love your support.

The types of dance and variations available to join are many.  As I have been adding to my campaign, I have been amazed at just what types of dance are available to try and join and explore. Everything from ballet to belly dancing or Lindy Hop to Ballroom.  It’s all so exciting.

An important thing that I hope you have seen is that dance is so very critical for our health – physically and mentally.  And it’s important for all ages and can even be a preventative measure in so many problems that come with life. Social well being, depression, loneliness, fall prevention, help with cancer, dementia, and other disease symptoms – the list goes on.

And lastly dance is all about our community and being part of our community and bringing our community together.  Old, young, disabled, able, ill, healthy, different cultures, different beliefs – all can be brought together and benefit from dance. Are you going to be part of it too???




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